Episcopal Lutheran Campus Ministry


Welcome, in the name of Christ.
We are a grace-filled, Christ-centered community, welcoming ALL students: Lutherans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, people of any or no faith, seekers, skeptics, devotees, sinners, saints, straight, gay, poets, scientists, - everyone. Bring your doubts, your hopes, your questions, your longing for community and authenticity, your search for worship and connection - bring your real self. There is a place for you at this table regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, current religious affiliation, GPA, SAT/GRE score, or anything else. Browse these pages to learn more - we look forward to meeting you! Peace to you today. Pastor Greg Schaefer


A Student Group
We are undergraduate and graduate students from all around the world. We have a wide variety of backgrounds and majors, but we have one thing in common: a need to take time from our busy lives of studying and working, a need for fellowship and engagement, and a need to keep our perspectives healthy.


An Engaging Community
While issues have changed since our founding in the 60s, ELCM is still a community committed to social justice and hospitality to strangers. As a community "at work in the world," we are committed to justice, respect for conscience, and equality for all people, especially those who are most at risk in society.


A Worshiping Community
Worship is not a production or a performance. Worship is an a time set aside for an encounter with God, and is aided by words, sights, sounds, and silence that foster that encounter. At ELCM, you'll find worship that is best described as 'organic' - that is, it grows out of the context and lives of the gathered community. We worship from 10:00 to 11:15 every Sunday morning (Sundays at 5:30 pm during Lent) with a festive service of Holy Communion at UniChu (see below) and every Thursday midday at 12:10 with a brief, meditative Eucharist in the side-chapel of MemChu.


A Church Community
University Lutheran Church in Palo Alto's College Terrace neighborhood, is a progressive, ecumenical, congregation across Stanford Ave. from campus, and is ELCM's church-home, providing a center for our activities and an important link to the community. You've probably walked or ridden your bike right by us on the Southeast side of campus. We're at 1611 Stanford Avenue.(See www.UniChu.org.) At UniChu, the theology is progressive, the worship is organic, the welcome is radical, and Christ's table is open to all. If you are in search of a congregational community, join us here at 1611 Stanford Ave for worship, fellowship, study, reflection on God's call, and engagement with the world.


A Faith Community
We are a united ministry of the Episcopal and Lutheran churches, but this community is made up of people from many (or no) denominations. We use scripture, tradition, reason, and experience to inspire a living faith. We are barrier-free, welcoming all people from the community - faculty, staff, students, family, friends, neighbors, and alumni. If you want to be here, God welcomes you.


A Group of Friends
We are a welcoming group that often serves as a family away from home. Fellowship, food, laughter, and community play an important role in our gatherings, bringing us closer to each other and bringing us closer to God.


This is more than a Sunday gathering.

This is a large, extended family into which you are heartily welcome.


Bread and Belonging: All are Welcome

College students (and college-aged folk) are welcome to this weekly gathering for dinner and conversation, every Tuesday evening of the school year at 5:30 in the The CIRCLE Common Room. Our gathering always consists of dinner (almost always home-cooked), conversation, and prayer. We have Bible study, discuss current events, play games, watch movies, etc. Bring a friend . . . All are welcome!